Zach Builds Internal Edit Count Tool for ValueWiki

Last night, Zach built an internal edit counter for ValueWiki. Now any wiki editor with editcountitis can quickly see where they stand.


ValueWiki had previously been relying on Interiot’s nifty edit count tool, but this required manual updates. Wikipedia also relies on database dumps and manual uploads, which is a bit labor intensive. Zach’s solution is automated and requires zero effort.

User Contributions

Zach also coded user contributions to display each user’s total edit count.


Is this Relevant?

Obviously the importance or relevance of edit count is deeply debatable. But the fact is, people are going to check their edit count regardless. And it certainly helps us evaluate our user statistics.

Edit Count and Authority

All message boards, from Digital Point Forums to Hot Stock Market, rank users’ authority by number of posts. This gives a general estimate of a user’s knowledge and credibility. For instance, it is hard to imagine a Wikipedian with an edit count of 5,000 who doesn’t know something about Wikipedia.

Similarly, discovering that a user has an edit count of 3 may cause you to tread lightly. It is helpful to know who the newbies are, too. Thanks for building this tool, Zach!


One Response to Zach Builds Internal Edit Count Tool for ValueWiki

  1. The Internal Edit Count Tool looks great in the examples, and it would be potentially very powerful in a collaborative curriculum editing project like ours. The users would be jazzed to see their contribution ranking as the curriculum is developed.

    Is the code for this available? We are running MediaWiki: 1.10.0, PHP: 5.2.1 (apache)
    and MySQL: 4.1.22.

    Our school district is about the size of Minnesota, but without roads…so our teachers edit curriculum collaboratively over distance.

    You have some cool stuff percolating on this site. Thanks, Zach.

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