The DoubleClick Effect

Google has endorsed DoubleClick’s CPC advertising model and created a generous valuation for this type of business. This rising tide lifted all ships in internet advertising yesterday, sending both TFSM and AQNT up more than 10%.

Many believed this would be good for ValueClick as well, although their stock has remained largely unchanged, and their Investor Relations insists ValueClick and DoubleClick have little in common besides the word “click.” Two weeks ago I blogged that ValueClick may be involved in shady business practices, although word-on-the-street is that my source, ShoeMoney, has occasionally written unfair posts against competing internet marketers in the past.

Markus Frind, CEO of Plenty of Fish, has a pretty good analysis of why DoubleClick is good for Google.

Now we wait for the next move. Will Microsoft or Yahoo snap up AQuantive or 24/7 Real Media?


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