24 is Jumping the Shark

I was pretty much done when Jack Bauer’s father and brother both turned out to be terrorist masterminds trying to kill him. But I was completely done when this ridiculous subplot was abandoned and never explained.

As President Wayne Palmer sinks into his 98th coma, it appears the loyal 24 audience has had enough. Ratings are down 30% from January and the mainstream media is catching on. Last week’s episode was just a bit too much for the LA Times and Salon (you have to click through an ad to read the Salon article, but it’s worth hearing them trash the writing!).

24 was a great show. But the vote on Jump the Shark is almost tied. Maybe the writers can turn it around for next season, or for the upcoming movie. Personally, I think Jack needs to torture the writers to get better stories out of them.

Or better dialogue than this:

“It’s not the weapons themselves we’re interested in. What we want is the component from the triggering mechanism. It contains a prototype algorithm old enough to be free of any modern encryption safeguards. With it, we’ll have access to virtually all Russian defense technology!”

–From Cheng, the world’s most boring villain


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