The Internet is a Giant Brain…

It stores massive quantities of information and has processes for retrieving that information. It stores visual memories and auditory memories. It understands language and prioritizes information. It has frontal lobes for reasoning as well as a seething libido. The internet is a complete individual.

We are Just Neurons

Every cell in our bodies seeks its own self-preservation, taking in nutrients and expelling waste, unaware that it serves a higher function and is part of a greater organism. So too with the ecosystem of the internet. Startups, bloggers, news sites, social sites, wiki editors, and even parasitic spammers all serve to grow, develop and evolve this living organism.

Wikipedians understand they are tiny parts of a larger machine serving a greater purpose. Bloggers and entrepreurs are more inclined to the illusion we are important as individuals. But we are all plankton in a primordial sea that is in the infancy of its evolution.

The Brain Learns

Today Digg users proved they are more powerful than Digg’s owners. Wikipedia fervently worked to sensor this topic, citing non-notability and illegality, even as every major blogger on the internet rushed to cover the story. Slashdot covered the story from its source. A lot of sites showed their colors today.

The internet macrocosm continues to learn and evolve. Tolstoy believed that Napoleon did not direct history, but that history directed Napoleon. Ultimately, even Kevin Rose, Wikipedia AfD, and the CCP are powerless to the will of the internet. The internet is rapidly making censorship impossible.


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