Microsoft and Yahoo…a No-Brainer?

Here is ShoeMoney’s post from December, 2006 10 Reasons Why Microsoft Will Acquire Yahoo in 2007. Reading through his reasons, this deal does seem like a no brainer. Microsoft has missed the boat on internet advertising so many times, in so many ways. Whereas the Yahoo Publisher Network gets top praise for the industry.

I’m Going to Miss Yahoo

It weird to think I’ve had my Yahoo email account for a decade. It’s also weird to realize how assiduously I have avoided ever using a Microsoft product. Perhaps this is terribly immature or anachronistic, but I still harbor resentment for the Microsoft brand for all the shady business ethics of the 80’s and 90’s. If Yahoo becomes a branch of the Evil Empire, I wonder if I will feel compelled to finally make Netvibes or iGoogle my homepage, transfer all my email over to Gmail, and move my Flickr account. Seems like a lot of work.

On a seperate note, Google seems to be taking the place of Microsoft in aggressively competing with every small startup on the web. Whether it’s YourMinis or Zoho, it seems Google’s army of engineers will find a way to outfund and outdevelop independent entrepreneurs. My friends at Google tell me their policy is to hire any and all talented developers regardless of job openings, simply to take them off the marketplace and bring them in house.

Google is no longer the perceived underdog to Microsoft, or to anyone really. Will be interesting to see how they maintain their positive public image while building internet hegemony. Will Google remember to “Don’t be Evil?”


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