Google Launches New Analytics

Google Analytics just launched a new beta version of their Analytics tool today. You can read about it on the Google Analyics blog, or take their nifty tour.


The data can now be easily custimized to slide and fit where you want it on your screen. You can judge from the screenshot above how it is easier to zoom in and analyze trends.


The UI is much larger, more colorful, and clearer to read. It almost reads like powerpoint slides.


You can read more in the new Analytics FAQ. It will probably take me a few weeks to absorb all the new functionality. Thankfully, analytics is still free, and I wonder at if and how Google will ever monetize this product.

Bottom line, Google Analytics is one of those products like Trader Joes, where I will happily corner someone at a dinner party to babble about how great it is, loudly and aggressively exhorting them to try it. Seth, does this count as a purple cow?


One Response to Google Launches New Analytics

  1. Hydrolyze says:

    Hello! Good thought, but will this genuinely perform?

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