Update: I’m Alive

This morning the AP is reporting the fire is 40% contained. Metroblogging LA has good ongoing coverage.

Here is a photo my friend took last night when we were watching from the LA river. It’s difficult to shoot at night and get the full effect. Suffice it to say the flames were 60 – 100 feet and spread down the hillside in about 15 minutes.


For those of you who missed it in my post at 1:30am last night, here is video another friend took of one of the hundreds of fire tornadoes. This is from our vantage point on the LA River.

As I type this, I still hear the water helicopters and firetrucks, but people seem more confident today. I was worried about losing power like nothern Los Feliz, but so far so good.


2 Responses to Update: I’m Alive

  1. Anon says:

    Jon, is your email anywhere on this site, i’d like to contact you without the whole world reading about it?

  2. Jon says:

    Sorry I didn’t notice this earlier. You can contact me at Jonathan (at) ValueWiki (dot) com

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