Week in Review

Here are some highlights of the week, in case you missed them.

*My Dinner With Rupert – Jeff Jarvis blogs about his dinner with Fox Interactive’s Rupert Murdoch and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Gawker Media’s Nick Denton.

*Conan at Intel – Conan visits Intel in Silicon Valley and makes fun of all the cubicle sheep. Good times.

*David Bullard pisses off the Blogosphere – This MSM columnist pretty much won the nobel prize for link bait when he wrote that Bloggers are the air guitarists of journalism. I was tickled when he said that bloggers are “scrofulous nerd[s] pumping meaningless drivel into cyberspace at all hours of the day and night simply because [they] can’t find a girl to sleep with [them].” But he lost me when he wrote, “[Bloggers] are the sort of wackos who gun down their fellow students at university.” SAY WHAT???

*Final Proof that Bloggers are Egocentric – Hat tip, Guy Kawasaki

*Twiistup was a fun gathering of 300 Southern California entrepreneurs. Albeit, a wee bit crowded.


*Beat up a White Kid Day – For those of you who live overseas, May 1st is Beat up a White Kid day in America.

*My Neighborhood Caught Fire – but I’m okay.

*ValleyWag spotted Natalie Portman at Draper Fisher Jurvetson – There is speculation she may do a Justin T.V. – style internet-streaming show following her life and times. I think Justin TV is a little boring, but I’ve always thought it would be immensely popular if they could sign on a celebrity to follow.


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