Is WallStrip Being Acquired by CBS for $5 Million? is reporting this story, which was soon echoed by TechCrunch. The trouble is, Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures claims he didn’t broker the deal, and didn’t invest $500,000 in the company either.


Jossip claims the $5,000,000 deal is mainly to acquire the talents of WallStrip host Lindsay Campbell. Campbell is an aspiring actress who is scheduled to appear on the Sopranos.

Despite Fred Wilson’s public denials and corrections, James Altrucher, who recently sold StockPickr to, seems to think the story is genuine. Jossip claims the story will be broken early this week, possibly Monday. I’ll put in an email to Howard Lindzon.

In the meantime, you can watch Fred Wilson on WallStrip to read his body language for subliminal clues. He does call WallStrip the “next big thing!”

Update 8:30am Monday: Howard says…”No comment.”


5 Responses to Is WallStrip Being Acquired by CBS for $5 Million?

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