Top 50 Wikis by Traffic Rank has listed the top 57 Wiki’s by traffic rank. ValueWiki should be in the top 50, but the author, Jason Rodriguez, does not seem to respond to blog email or comments. 😦

According to Jason’s list, the top ten Wikis by Alexa rank and Google page rank are:

  1. Wikipedia PR8 Alexa Rank:10
  2. Adobe Labs PR9 Alexa Rank:85
  3. WikiAnswers PR6 Alexa Rank:274
  4. TripAdvisor Wiki PR3 Alexa Rank:504
  5. Apache Wiki PR7 Alexa Rank:939
  6. WikiMapia PR6 Alexa Rank:1,139
  7. Second Life Wiki PR6 Alexa Rank:1,413
  8. Wikia PR7 Alexa Rank:1,657
  9. AboutUs PR6 Alexa Rank:1,982
  10. Debian PR6 Alexa Rank:2,020


9 Responses to Top 50 Wikis by Traffic Rank

  1. Jason says:

    Hey Jon,

    Sorry about the delay. We got you all setup today 🙂

  2. Jon says:

    Thanks Jason. I know that list must have taken a lot of work. Looks good!


  3. Ted says:

    I love the idea of ValueWiki, but I’m surprised you’re in the top 50. After the post on anonymous users, I checked the wiki change logs and it was just anonymous ip’s adding spam and getting blocked with maybe 5 actual changes a day, all from Jon.

    Are you getting large amounts of traffic from readers who aren’t contributors? Given the lack of contributors, why would someone come here rather than Google finance? Are you advertising heavily to bring in these readers? Do readers stick around or does it tend to be a single click through?

    I’m curious because I’m looking to start a sports wiki with a focus on baseball and I’m trying to get a sense of how a wiki gets started and traffic before it has contributors.

  4. Jon says:


    ValueWiki still has many features to build before we officially launch and begin to market/advertise ourselves. Much of our traffic is due to the fact that we have tens of thousands of pages in our wiki. ValueWiki (as well as Wikia and other sites) has found that at least 90% of our traffic is anonymous lurkers. Converting traffic into users is extremely difficult as the finance world (and sports world) does not necessarily have any idea how to use a wiki. This is slowly changing over time, largely thanks to Wikipedia.

    By the way, ArmchairGM is a great sports wiki if you have not already checked it out. Thanks for scoping out ValueWiki,


  5. Ted says:

    Thanks for the info, but I still don’t get it. How does having thousands of automatically generated pages give you traffic? Having thousands of pages makes you a big wiki but doesn’t give anyone a reason to show up. Are they coming through on search engine links? Is it mostly readers of your blog? What is causing people to look at your stub pages?

    I guess this is what I’m trying to figure out. You don’t have content yet but you have traffic. I’m trying to understand how a fresh wiki gets that initial ball rolling. Clearly you’re already on to the phase of how to convert that traffic into users, but I’m still at the first step :).

    Thanks for the info and the pointer on ArmchairGM!

  6. Jon says:


    Having 1,000’s of pages means that 1,000’s of search terms can lead to ValueWiki. Between 50 – 75% of our traffic is from search engines. This is true for Wikipedia, and pretty much all sites nowadays.

    Building an active and passionate wiki community is fantastically challenging. We spent the past few months building our traffic. But soon we hope to begin purely focussing on the community. There are so many hundreds of thousands of people who waste their time on stock message boards. It seems overwhelmingly reasonable to me that they would prefer to spend their time building something lasting and meaningful on a wiki. Getting the word out will be our challenge, once we have site features we are confident in launching.


  7. Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is more than I expected when I found a link on Delicious telling that the info here is awesome. Thanks.

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  9. The RSS feed does not work properly in the browser (google chrome) how to deal with it?

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