If you haven’t checked out WikiGroaning yet, it’s worth a gander. The site compares the completeness of Wikipedia articles to demonstrate how nerdy we Wikipedians are. I previously wrote about Wikipedia’s liberal bias… Does Wikipedia have a nerd bias?

For instance, the site compares:

*Modern Warfare vs. Lightsaber Combat

*Bathing vs. Acne

*Girlfriend vs. Video Games

In all cases, the “nerd” topic far outweighs the normal topic. For more fun and games, check out


3 Responses to WikiGroaning

  1. Jamin Brophy-Warren says:

    I’m a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, covering arts and entertainment. I saw your post on wiki-groaning and I’m working on a story on the subject and how editing works on Wikipedia. Do you have a minute today to talk? Thanks!

    You call the switchboard at 212-416-2000 and ask for me as well if you’re worried I’m not a reporter.


    Jamin Brophy-Warren
    The Wall Street Journal
    200 Liberty St., 10th Floor
    New York, NY 10281

  2. Approach and Meet any Girl any Woman !

    Approach and Meet any Girl any Woman !

  3. Acne says:

    Killer links, will send to a few friends 😉

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