Wikia Acquires ValueWiki

February 9, 2010

Zach and I are pleased to announce that ValueWiki will be joining the Wikia family. The new URL is

View the Press Release from Wikia

Wikia is upgrading ValueWiki to a more stable platform with WYSIWYG editing, better user interface, and access to a broader user base. The day to day operation of the site is continuing unchanged. ValueWiki will maintain its free license and community control of the site, while staying true to its mission and core values.

Zach and I are very excited for the added value Wikia is bringing to ValueWiki and look forward to the site’s continued growth under Wikia’s stewardship. Thank you all for an exciting four years.


Zach and Jonathan


ValueWiki Update

September 17, 2007

Zach and I have both been pretty swamped in our respective non-ValueWiki lives. As you may have noticed, I am no longer blogging 15 times per week. Due to my schedule, I plan to now use the ValueWiki blog as more of a traditional company blog, only posting relevant updates and announcements.

As ValueWiki approaches its one year anniversary, we are pleased to see the site passing 500 registered users and approaching 5 million page views, with great new investment information being posted every week. Zach is planning a few technical improvements for the site that we hope to unveil in the near future. We will blog as soon as there are new developments to report. Stay tuned!

Blocking Anonymous Editing

May 23, 2007

On Monday ValueWiki took the plunge and blocked all anonymous IP’s from editing. ValueWiki is now forcing all users to register. We will closely monitor and report the effects this has on the wiki.

Banning Anonymous IP’s – The Perennial Debate

Banning anonymous IP’s is a perennial proposal on Wikipedia, hotly debated for years. There is ample statistical evidence to show anonymous IP’s cause most (but not all) forms of vandalism. However, the radical egalitarian spirit of Wikipedia prides itself on keeping the encyclopedia open to everyone.

Wikipedia’s Policy

I would argue that logging in allows a greater level of anonymity than displaying an IP address. And I would also argue that with hundreds of thousands of users and worldwide brand recognition, Wikipedia no longer has to be concerned about luring in new users through experimental anonymous editing. But I greatly respect the spirit of the policy. It is Wikipedia’s open-source idealism that has captured the world’s imagination and attracted so many loyal devotees from around the globe.

ValueWiki’s Policy

Unlike Wikipedia, ValueWiki has the luxury of not being a democracy! In these early stages, we prefer to think of ourselves as a benevolent dictatorship. 99% of ValueWiki vandalism is clearly the result of anonymous IPs. So rather than spend years on community discussion and spam-reverting, we are simply forcing users to register and log in.

For anyone shocked at our decision to close an open-source system, here is our reasoning…

9 Reasons To Force Wiki Editors to Register

  1. Registering is inherently anonymous. In fact, it is far more anonymous than leaving an IP address.

  2. Registering helps promote community.

  3. Registering on a wiki is a one-step process that takes ten seconds.

  4. Registering stymies spam bots.

  5. Registering makes it far easier to ban abusive users. Blocking IP addresses is sloppy work; banning one IP can block an entire country.

  6. Registering allows a wiki to keep clear statistics on users and usage.

  7. Registering nulls most vandalism and spam (99% of ValueWiki vandals are anonymous IP’s).

  8. Registering is required on all other internet message boards and community sites. So registration isn’t considered a huge imposition…

  9. It’s just an experiment. If we don’t like the results, we can always undo it. 🙂

ValueWiki Hits 2 Million Pageviews

April 24, 2007

I know this is small potatoes to a lot of sites, but it is statistically higher than most Web 2.0 Financial sites. We hit 1 million page views on February 21, so it is nice to feel like we are making progress.

Oh, by the way, Zach finished adding the Singapore and Hong Kong Stock Exchange pages this weekend. So ValueWiki now covers ten worldwide exchanges.

Zach Builds Internal Edit Count Tool for ValueWiki

April 11, 2007

Last night, Zach built an internal edit counter for ValueWiki. Now any wiki editor with editcountitis can quickly see where they stand.


ValueWiki had previously been relying on Interiot’s nifty edit count tool, but this required manual updates. Wikipedia also relies on database dumps and manual uploads, which is a bit labor intensive. Zach’s solution is automated and requires zero effort.

User Contributions

Zach also coded user contributions to display each user’s total edit count.


Is this Relevant?

Obviously the importance or relevance of edit count is deeply debatable. But the fact is, people are going to check their edit count regardless. And it certainly helps us evaluate our user statistics.

Edit Count and Authority

All message boards, from Digital Point Forums to Hot Stock Market, rank users’ authority by number of posts. This gives a general estimate of a user’s knowledge and credibility. For instance, it is hard to imagine a Wikipedian with an edit count of 5,000 who doesn’t know something about Wikipedia.

Similarly, discovering that a user has an edit count of 3 may cause you to tread lightly. It is helpful to know who the newbies are, too. Thanks for building this tool, Zach!

NYSE-Euronext Begins Trading

April 4, 2007

The NYSE-Euronext merger was completed today, with the combined $14 Billion company trading for 13 consecutive hours on trans-Atlantic exchanges.

Euronext is a conglomerate of European stock markets including Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, and the London derivatives market LIFFE. NYSE Euronext is already expanding into Asia, with a partnership in the Tokyo Stock Exchange (privately held until 2009) and an ownership stake in India’s National Stock Market.

ValueWiki remains bullish on global financial consolidation. As in the European Union, economic unity promotes peace between nations. ValueWiki will be working hard in the coming months to cover even more worldwide exchanges.

ValueWiki Adds Snap Previews. Should Wikipedia?

April 2, 2007

Last week, following a conversation with one of the good folks at, Zach added Snap Previews to all external links on ValueWiki.

Snap Previews are the sneak-peeks you get on this wordpress blog when you mouse-over a link. However, unlike WordPress, the ValueWiki Snap previews are less obtrusive. The preview will only generate if you mouse over the Snap icon.

Zach and I love this feature, as it lets you view a site before deciding to navigate. Honestly, it keeps people on ValueWiki longer. I may submit this as a technical proposal for Wikipedia, since it took Zach about two minutes to build and is fairly useful. Is there any chance Wikipedians will go for it?

Update: I added this proposal to Wikipedia, here. Feel free to add your two cents.