What is ValueWiki?

ValueWiki.com is an investment wiki where research is written and edited by everyone. The site currently covers all 50,000 publicly traded US Securities, as well as the major Canadian, Australian, London, Hong Kong, and Singapore markets.

The goal of the site is complete user-written coverage of worldwide markets. The idea is that 1,000 people can do better due dilligence than a single person. When investors collaborate on research the markets become more efficient and everyone benefits.

ValueWiki features free chat, message boards, blogging, groups, and voting. The site was built in Fall 2006 by Zach and Jon and is now in Beta.

*More about ValueWiki.

This blog covers ValueWiki’s news and updates, as well as anything fun we feel like blogging about.


3 Responses to What is ValueWiki?

  1. Hello. Just happened by this blog and wanted to congratulate you on it. This really looks like a great product and I wish you all the best!

    Dan Fitzpatrick

  2. Jim Anderson says:

    I have a question about a pink sheet stock and would like to know if you know anything about the company.

    The ticker is HMGP

  3. Subject: Promo for you and Twiistup 5

    Mike Macadaan had us launch a sweet trivia contest to promote Twiistup 5. Download at http://twiistup.ringorang.com and let it play you. All players are alerted at the exact same moment with a 20 second trivia Q. And then it goes away until the next one.
    If you’d like to have yourself or your company/product promoted through our trivia Qs, let us know right away, as the contest only runs until Friday. We’re looking to give Mike a smash promotion with this game. And to you too. Just give us some subject matter – no matter how weird or dry or shamelessly promotional. What do you want people to know and talk about? We’ll do the rest.
    And let us know if there is anything you want to give away as a promo as well. We can accommodate.
    Thank you,

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