Whole Foods Alias

I am loving the Whole Foods debacle. The CEO kept a yahoo finance message board alias for seven years, and used it to promote himself, Whole Foods, and occasionally attack his competitor, Wild Oats Markets. Message Board posters are constantly accusing each other of being “paid pumpers” or “paid bashers” or secretly working for a competitor. 99.99% of the time, these conspiracy theories are completely ridiculous. But now, thanks to Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, we can expect message board conspiracy theories to live on for quite a while.


15 Responses to Whole Foods Alias

  1. I’ve never understood the paid pumper or basher accusation. Do stock message board posters think that people go and hang out there because they don’t have anything better to do? They obviously are interested in the stock price or else they wouldn’t waste so much hot air arguing with each other. This doesn’t mean that the boards are worthless, just that you have to look at each message a little bit more critically.

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